SUDBURY -- While not expanding on details of what triggered the incident, the Ontario Provincial Police said Monday that an emergency alert was sent out on the weekend because a suspect they were seeking was considered armed and dangerous.

However, while they still don't have 32-year-old Victor Branco in custody, OPP Sgt. Carlo Berardi said there's no danger to the public at this time,

"At this point, we are still looking for him," Berardi said. "We don't believe there is any community public risk at this moment. However, we want to ensure that the public still remains diligent."

The incident took place in M'Chigeeng First Nation. Police issued a 'shelter in place' order for residents in M'Chigeeng, particularly those along Highway 551.

Chief Linda Debassige issued a statement Saturday saying Branco is not a M'Chigeeng resident, but he is known to them. He had been banned last year over drug-related issues.

Anyone who sees Branco shouldn't approach him, Berardi said, but should alert police immediately.

"We want people just to call 911 and report it," Berardi said.

When asked why an emergency alert was sent out Saturday, but now the public is being told there's no threat to the public, he said he couldn't elaborate on the specifics.

"What I can tell you is that the threat was relevant and that's why the alert was released," Berardi said. "That's the information that we had, that he was armed and dangerous. I'm unaware of what the particulars are of the incident, but we don't believe there is any risk to public safety at the moment."


This story has been updated to correct Sgt. Carlo Berardi's rank in the OPP.