SUDBURY -- Sudbury police say a 51-year-old man is facing several charges following a shooting in the Hanmer neighbourhood turns fatal in a news release Monday morning.

It happened around 7 p.m. Sunday outside of a home on Rita Street in Sudbury’s Valley area.

Officers were called to the residence on a weapons complaint after the accused reportedly shot a 50-year-old man several times with a handgun during an altercation during a social gathering. The accused shooter was also allegedly wounded with self-inflicted injuries during the incident.

"Officers attended and found one male party victim shot and people were working on him. And a suspect was in custody," said Insp. John Valtonen, Greater Sudbury Police Service.  

Police say the other people at the home were able to disarm the shooter before the police arrived. He was arrested and both men were taken to hospital.

"It was a very violent, chaotic incident and I have to say that the Greater Sudbury Police officers commend the witnesses that were there tending to the victim and subduing the accused person so quickly and being able to ensure that no other injuries were sustained by anybody else," said Valtonen. "The fact is that the accused had attempted to inflict harm on himself, he did sustain self-inflicted injuries, but was taking to Health Sciences North and was treated and remained in our custody." 

The victim of the attack later died in hospital as a result of his injuries. His name is not being released at the request of the family.

"On behalf of all the members on the Greater Sudbury Police Service we send our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the victim and our thoughts are with them," said Valtonen. 

After being treated for his injuries, the accused was taken to Greater Sudbury Police Service headquarters.

He has been charged with:

  • First-degree murder
  • Three counts of possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose
  • Two counts of careless use of a firearm
  • Firearm use while committing an offence
  • Two counts of pointing a firearm
  • Discharge firearm with intent

The man accused is scheduled for a bail hearing Monday morning. His name has not been released by police at the time of publication.

Police say they believe this was an isolated and targeted incident between two people known to each other and that there is no threat to the public.

"This was by all intents deliberate and the individual was very focused on the one person," said Valtonen. "Anytime that a weapon is used, despite being targeted, the opportunity for anybody else, bystanders, to be injured is top of mind for us. We know that it is a significant concern."

An investigation into the shooting is continuing. 

"There are a couple of scenes that we are conducting, as I said, the criminal investigation is ongoing, " said Valtonen. "With anything, once individuals are in the hospital and treated medically and we know the area is safe, then we take a very deliberate measured approach to making sure we collect all the evidence. So search warrants are being executed in a couple of locations, in particular a vehicle at the residence." 

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call police.

"We are actually very encouraged with the information we're receiving from the public, and we would ask that any other witnesses, even if they think that they don't have any relevant information," said Valtonen. "Any information is important, which includes things like video, anything they might have heard, things like that would be really important to piecing this together." 

This is the second murder in Greater Sudbury this year, the other involves the death of a 45-year-old man who has died after a serious and violent assault in the city's Minnow Lake neighbourhood on Canada Day.

"Anytime a violent event takes place in our community, it's concerning. The timeframe, whether it's the next day or two weeks or a month a part, these are two significant, violent offences that certainly impact not just the families and friends of the victims, but the community, the neighbourhood and the community at all," said. Valtonen. "So we will do everything we can to ensure that we understand what went on and continue to strive to get through this."