SUDBURY -- A 38-year-old man from Commanda is facing charges following a brutal incident earlier this month in which he attacked his domestic partner and spit on police when they tried to arrest him.

In a news release Thursday, North Bay police said the attack on the girlfriend took place July 12, when a verbal argument became physical.

"At one point, the accused restrained the victim and held a lighter in front of her threatening to burn her," police said.

The man fled by the time police arrived. The victim told them she had been subjected to previous attacks from the accused.

"Police located the accused later that evening walking in North Bay," the release said. "When arrested, the accused was uncooperative and began spitting towards officers stating he was COVID positive."

In addition to three charges of assault with a weapon for the attack on his partner, he now also faces a charge of uttering a threat.

"In order to protect the identity of the victim, the North Bay Police Service will not be releasing the name of the accused," police said.

He remains in custody pending a bail hearing at the North Bay Courthouse.

"North Bay Police advise that the intentional act of spitting on another person has been deemed by the courts in Canada as an act or gesture that meets the legal threshold of an assault and would in and of itself constitute a criminal act," the release said.