SUDBURY -- A bail review hearing is underway at the Sudbury courthouse for a man accused of second-degree murder in a case dating back over two decades.

It's being held via telephone conference to adhere to physical distancing guidelines.

In December of 2018, Robert Steven Wright was arrested in North Bay where he was working as a lab technician.

The charge is in connection with the murder of Renee Sweeney at the Sudbury Adults Only Video Store in January 1998.

At the time of Sweeney's murder, Wright was 18-years-old and attended Lockerby Composite High School in Sudbury, not far from the murder scene.

This is Wright's second time seeking bail after it was denied last March.

We cannot report on any details of the proceeding because of a court-imposed publication ban. 

The bail review is scheduled to last two days.