Residents in a Sudbury neighbourhood have been concerned about an unsanctioned safe injection pop-up site in their area.

A meeting was held Wednesday night so that members of the Louis Street neighbourhood, near downtown, could talk with the group running the safe space for drug users.  

Louis Street residents hold meeting

City Councillor Joscelyne Landry-Altmann was in attendance and says the work that the group is doing is needed, but the location is not ideal.

“Louis Street is an area that is a residential sector. It has 125 to 150 kids in the area. Certainly we do not dispute the activity that this group is doing and their good intentions, we do not dispute that. We're just concerned with the location that was chosen. The mix of residential with kids, it’s not a good mix because now the clientele is increasing.” Said Landry-Altmann

Those running the safe injection site did not want to appear on camera, but say they are open to working with the community to find a suitable location.