SUDBURY -- Big news on the travel front as the Canadian government has announced it will lift most travel restrictions by early July.

The move affects Canadians, permanent residents and certain foreign nationals who are fully vaccinated. Experts say it's an exciting time in the travel industry.

Starting July 5, affected travellers will be able to enter Canada without having to self-isolate, taking a test on Day 8 or staying in a quarantine hotel on arrival.

For people like Linda Terava and her husband -- who have been itching to see the world after cancelling last year's vacation plans -- this is big.

"Our biggest thing with travel is that we would have to quarantine, either when we get there or when we get back, and we just don't have that kind of timeline between work and other social activities and stuff, so yeah, it was super exciting to know, we both will be completely vaccinated by the end of the month," said Terava.

"This means getting back to our norm, doing what we love to do."

She has been following the cruise lines for the latest information and said she's confident in the industry's ability to protect them.

And she's clearly not alone. One Sudbury travel agency said there's been a steady increase of phone calls from people with questions, wanting to know when and where they can fly.

"It's a process and everyone has been patient over the last year and a half and we're still asking everyone to be patient, but is it positive," said Jennifer Young, a travel adviser with CWT Vacations.

"Every step forward is positive."

Young said she's encouraged by the interest people are showing, as clearly many people still have the itch to travel and haven't lost confidence in the industry.

"I'm getting quite a few (inquiries) for various river cruising," she said. "People are eager to get back on the water, right down to I just want to get my toes in the sand. It is from one end of the spectrum to the other, but that's what keeps the days interesting."

Young said it's key to have a good travel adviser and the ability to educate yourself. She advises learning about each country you plan to visit and the rules they have in place.