SUDBURY -- In a community known for its heritage, many in Capreol, Ont. are taking a look back in a new way this weekend, through a live history show that is being put on in an ‘escape room’ style.

‘Live History’ is a group of actors and actresses based out of Ottawa and are putting on shows both Saturday and Sunday at the Northern Ontario Railroad & Heritage Centre.

They’ve been doing live history shows since 2013, but this is their first time in northern Ontario.

“We actually get on the ground near people and they can actually interact with us,” said Live History actor Dan Desmarais.

“When there is a theatre troop on the stage you can’t go ‘Hey you, how’s it going? or hello.’ You can’t ask questions, with us you can. The escape room, or mystery element is very different then anything you have done before,” he added.

The five ‘Live History’ actors are playing the role of five individuals who have history in Capreol.

This weekend’s theme is ‘The Fires, an Adventure in Time.’

Guests come to the museum and have to guess the answers to questions about the town with help from the ‘Live History’ actors.

In a town with as much history as Capreol, Desmarais said it won’t be easy for guests to figure out the answers.

“You have to read the plaques, you have to look at the trains, you have to see the different buildings, that have been here for so long,” he said.

“You can actually see the difference in the architecture of the town. It started really as just a small town, with the downtown and everything is very square. Sort of like a country western sort of town.”

The museum was closed for most of its typical May to Sept. season due to COVID-19 regulations.

Hosting events like this have museum staff feeling positive about what’s to come.

“To be able to do this type of programming. Especially when we have professionals like the live theatre here, that can add a different element to the experience,” said Operations Manager Derek Young.”

“The more that we can do, like interpretive type programming and have different offerings we will be able to appeal to a number of different audiences.”

The total journey through the history of Capreol takes guests from the museum on Bloor Street, through the city’s downtown and ends at Peace Park.

The event runs until 6:00 p.m. on Saturday and from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Sunday.