SUDBURY -- The pandemic has hit bars and the live music industry hard.

Over the past month live entertainment has returned at a downtown club in Sudbury even though dancing is a no-go.

"People just saying it is so good to see a live band again. You know we have been stuck inside since March, we have been watching livestreams of mega stars in their pyjamas in their living room,” said Steve McArthur, the entertainment coordinator at The Coulson Nightclub.

“I want to see a band on a stage, I want to see a light show, I want To feel the thump of a kick drum, I want to feel a big PA, that's the part I missed the most, that's the part I love the most,"

Although The Coulson is limited to a 50 person capacity, the socially distanced seats fill up quickly.

"I think the reason why it has made us stronger is because people have now started to appreciate music more, less than just coming out and having the party vibe. I think people are just appreciative of the music that is being showcased," said Bianca Ferland a promoter at The Coulson Nightclub.

Sudbury band Fortunate Losers recently released a performance "Quarantined @ the Coulson" on various social media platforms and has also shared some exciting news.

"The band has recently signed with an Australian based record label called Golden Robot records. And it's overwhelming the amount of local support and just the love people have shown this band so far," said Devon Cox, the lead singer of the band.

Cox says he's missed the opportunity to perform live over the past few months but is excited about upcoming live gigs.

"This will be our first official show back on the 19th out on Manitoulin Island, Little Current with Big Wreck. We had a great opportunity and we have been blessed opportunities all along actually, so we are pretty pumped to get back at it," said Cox.

Although the live performances are very different now with bands singing from behind plexiglass, physical distancing and no dancing, the entertainment coordinator at the Coulson says the show will go on.