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Letterkenny spinoff Shoresy embraces everything about Sudbury

From Sudbury Arena to the Colson, from the Laughing Buddha to Peppi Panini, a new TV series debuting this week has a lot of Sudbury.

Shoresy was not only filmed in the Nickel City, the series embraces all things about Sudbury.

"I feel like Sudbury is one of the characters in the show. We talk about it throughout all of the episodes," said Tasya Teles who plays Nat in the show.

Shoresy is a spinoff of Letterkenny, the successful show that was filmed in Sudbury for six years. The six episodes features the character Shoresy, who joins the Sudbury Bulldogs on his quest to never lose again.

"We follow Shoresy, who’s a chirping, mother-loving son of a gun. He’s at the helm of this hockey team that’s not doing very well," said Teles.

"So all of a sudden, you know, we have Nat who has to work in tandem with Shoresy to try to bring this team success.”

Officials with Greater Sudbury said productions like Shoresy have a positive impact on the local economy.

"A production like Shoresy brings in $4.8 million regionally to our economy and $2.3 million into northern labour," said Lara Fielding, manager of tourism and culture.

"They’re really good, skilled jobs that are building our infrastructure in the north for the success that we’ve had, I would say, over the last 10 years in film."

And a show like Shoresy could open up new tourism opportunities for the city.

"The arena where the Wolves play, that’s gonna be an awesome place because they can go down the back and be like this is the hallway where they shot that one particular scene or go into the locker room and be like this is where the cast was hanging out," said Harlan Blayne Kytwayhat, who plays Sanguinet.

The first two episodes launch May 13, with a new episode rolling out every Friday, exclusively on the streaming platform Crave.

CTV and Crave are both owned by Bell Media. Top Stories

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