A legal challenge regarding the repeal of Ontario’s 2015 sex education curriculum begins Wednesday.

The Ford Government repealed the curriculum developed by the previous liberal government citing lack of parental consultation and age-appropriate information. It directed schools in the province to revert back to the previously used curriculum in the interim, or face the consequences.

An online reporting tool was also launched to allow parents to report teachers who did not adhere to the government’s new sex-ed curriculum version.

Consultations were held through an open submission form, online survey, and telephone town halls, which are now closed.

A court hearing will be held in Toronto for the applications of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and the elementary teachers' union.

Both groups allege the conservative's repeal of the updates made by the Wynne government is unconstitutional and puts students at risk.

Social conservatives object to the 2015 updates, which include lessons about same-sex relationships and gender identity.