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Leadership conference in Sudbury hears from world record holder

Wednesday in Sudbury, Scott Hammell, a four-time Guinness World record holder, escape artist and magician, was the keynote speaker at a high school leadership conference.

Grade 9 and 10 students from Sudbury Espanola and Manitoulin Island had the opportunity to learn new skills and set magical goals for the future.

As part of his presentation, Hammell demonstrated how to escape from a straitjacket. He said there is a message in his trick.

“I hope to show the students that taking something impossible (and) breaking it down into a bunch of small steps is the key to getting there,” he said.

Hammell also talked to the students about the importance of shifting from anxiety to excitement in pursuing goals.

“So often we are either focused on things that are probably never going to happen in the future or we are dwelling on things that have gone wrong in the past,” he said.

“(That) leaves the present moment for us … that's where life is -- that's where everything is happening.”

In all, 90 students at Rainbow District School Board schools were part of the leadership conference.

“We work to help them get the leadership skills they need to start projects within their schools and to start different initiatives,” said Jocelyn Kuntsi, student trustee.

“Sometimes bringing a bunch of leaders together or potential leaders gives them that confidence.”

“(It) brings all of our schools together to hear from wonderful speakers on student-relevant topics,” said Bruce Bourget from the Rainbow District School Board.

“So we are super proud of them and it's an amazing opportunity for them to exercise their very strong leadership skills and further develop them for future opportunities.”

Organizers said the student-led conference was supported by the Ministry of Education Speak Up grant and the theme this year was leadership through action. Top Stories


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