SUDBURY -- It will probably not come as a surprise to anyone, hand sanitizer is a hot commodity right now. Most people can't find a bottle of it anywhere.

The Greater Sudbury Police Service now has 120 litres for its front-line officers thanks to a partnership with Laurentian University and a chemistry professor named Eric Gauthier.

"I got a phone call, maybe ten days ago, from a patrol sergeant with the Greater Sudbury Police Services. He was inquiring about whether we had any stocks of isopropyl, that's a main component of rubbing alcohol and of course we do have some in the department ... that's a chemical that we have in stock." said Gauthier.

The offiicer told Gauthier they were hoping to make hand sanitizer.

"They're still working and dealing with the same reality, they have to go on calls ... so they need something to make sure their hands are clean and they're not going to get any infections with the virus. Upon hearing that, I said we can help you on multiple levels," Gauthier explains. 

Gauthier and the team used their expertise to create a small batch to see if it would work. The product went over so well that they've since made the police service another 120 litres.

The chemistry professor says it's a relatively simple product to make, it's just rubbing alcohol and some glycerine to make it easier on the skin, that being said it's also something he feels that should be best left to the professionals.

He adds it's nice to be able to help those working on the front-line, protecting our community.

"It helps to keep you busy, I mean don't get me wrong, I'm still busy working from home but it helps you to stay active and put your mind to something. I have a feel that I've contributed to something more concrete," Gauthier said.