North Bay fire officials are sending forward the message that it is against the law to not have a working smoke alarm in your building.

"That fact that its 2019 now and we've put forward the same message for year after year," stressed North Bay Deputy Fire Chief Greg Saunders.

His warning comes after two weekend fires, where in both instances, the homeowner either did not have a working smoke alarm or it was disabled.

"Properly maintained and properly located smoke alarms save lives," Saunders added.

Fortunately, nobody was injured in either of the incidents, however fines were laid.

"In both cases we decided to fine them for each offence, and I think that you'll see going forward, we're going to be more active in fining people for the violations of the law," said Saunders.

Officials said a $360 fine can be charged per offence and almost $1,100 will be charged to homeowners who are missing the necessary three alarms.

In the case of rental units, the Local Landlord Association says it's a shared responsibility between owners and tenants to ensure smoke alarms are functional.

"When the tenant takes possession of the property, we always go over with them how the system operates, and they receive instructions on how to maintain it. Maintaining it means leaving it alone," said John Wilson, former Near North Landlord Association President.

The cause of one fire, on Carruthers Street, is believed to be related to careless use of smoke materials.

Crews say an unattended candle was left burning at the other blaze on King Street West.