SUDBURY -- Residents at L'Arche Sudbury are hoping the community will get 'down, down" with their new lip sync video.

They're competing against other L'Arche homes in Canada and across the world. They currently facing L'Arche London and they need likes and shares of their video on YouTube to advance into the next round.

Organizers said they only have 48 hours to do it, and if they beat London, then they start filming a new video to face another home next week. Their first song was the 'Cupid Shuffle.'

"It's the first ever lip sync battle by people with disabilities," said Suzanne Thibault, who makes an appearance in the video as Eunice the Unicorn. "We were pretty blessed because it already came with a dance to do, the Cupid Shuffle, so we just headed up to the Big Nickel, I showed people the (choreography) for it and people just had a blast."

Over the course of the video, you see both residents and friends of the facility shaking what they got to get Sudbury into the next round.

The video also includes a cameo from Sudbury MPP Jamie West.

"It came together so nicely, it was so much fun," said Thibault.

James Ilves, a resident at L'Arche Sudbury, was one of the many volunteers to take part.

'Sudbury's definitely going to win'

"It's nice, I like it a lot, Sudbury's definitely going to win," said Ilves.

"We have been isolated, we have been stuck in the home and just the opportunity to let loose and do everything in a very safe and socially distant manner, but yeah, we had a blast doing this," said Darrell March, L'Arche Sudbury development and communications Leader.

"This morning when the videos dropped, you could just see a creativity bomb had exploded so it's been wonderful."

The video included a message from the artist behind the Cupid Shuffle, Cupid himself.

"I do want to say to you all, listen I know COVID-19 is going on and a lot of crazy things are going on right now but I want you to stay encouraged, I want you to keep your heads up and anytime you're feeling down you can always shuffle," said Cupid.

Nick Herd is co-host of the lip sync competition. His advice to those taking part? Smile, stay in tune and be happy.

He's hopeful if anyone leaves watching these videos with something, it's inspiration.

"Don't let your disability stop you from reaching your dreams and we rock disability," said Herd.