TIMMINS -- Alpine skiers can look forward to smooth runs this winter at Kamiskotia Snow Resort.

The resort has a new grooming machine thanks to a $35,000 donation from Newmont Porcupine.

It's been purchased second-hand from another ski resort, but members of the Kamiskotia board are still grateful for the long-awaited machine.

"Security and safety when you get on the hill -- if there's bumps or you know, uneven surfaces -- it's difficult to maintain, especially in low light, so a groomer presents that very smooth and even ground for all to use," said Cameron Grant, chair of the board for Kamiskotia Snow Resort.

Operating a ski hill is expensive to say the least. Last November, the hill asked Timmins city council for a grant to help cover back taxes owing.

"We did meet with them. They understand our position and we're working together to resolve that issue," said Grant.

Resort officials are also looking forward to rebranding the facility. Not many details were released, but they are hopeful the public is going to like what they have in store.

"We've worked with a local designer and we've found a brand that works really well for us and we're really excited to unveil it to the public," said Mike Scott, director on the Kamiskotia Snow Resort Board. "It's going to give a fresh new look to the hill and hopefully will complement our expansion into more year round activities."

Scott said skiers can get a break on prices by buying memberships and passes this fall. And, the board of directors is working with health officials to create a safe environment for all members during the COVID-19 pandemic.