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Judges arrive for Communities in Bloom Contest in North Bay


Judges are in town and checking out areas of North Bay for the Communities in Bloom contest, a city beautifying contest North Bay entered in February.

“We’re looking at everything from cultural to environmental stewardship, parks and rec, horticultural, we’re looking for the entire ball of wax basically,” said Communities in Bloom lead judge Matt Robertson.

The judges have gone to the waterfront, Lee Park, downtown and to local businesses in the city. They’re also heading out to many other locations on Wednesday.

“We’ve been touring all over the community, got to visit some of the post-secondary institutions and see the initiatives happening there,” said another judge, Cody Cacciotti.

“We’ve gone for a helicopter ride. Just the greenery, the canopy, is great here.”

Clean Green Beautiful North Bay has led the way when it comes to getting the city prepared for judgment. It’s been a vision of the group’s since 2019.

“We’re really pleased,” said group chair Harriet Madigan.

“The community is virtually litter-free, people have mowed their lawn, businesses have put out arrangements, so we’re very proud to show off our community.”

“You don’t have to do big things,” she added.

“You just have to do one thing and then collectively the community comes together and adds up to the value of one the power of many.”

Madigan told CTV News that North Bay can win the contest.

“Oh I am certain we can,” she said.

“I am absolutely certain we are going to do very well. We’re going to end up with an evaluation to tell us benchmarks where we are now, and then how we can do better.” Top Stories

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