POWASSAN -- A Powassan woman who slept on the roof of a hardware store overnight to raise funds for the Powassan & District Food Bank is calling her night out a big success.

Despite the significant snowfall and frigid temperatures Tuesday night, Kathie Hogan said she was quite cozy knowing she helped the food bank through this pandemic.

"It was cozy," Hogan said. "I never slept on a roof before. I had a great night's sleep. I slept more than I did at home."

Hogan promised to spend one night on the roof in the cold if she could spur the community to raise at least $1,000 for the food bank. Very quickly, donations came in to send her to the roof.

"My phone was going 'bing, bing, bing' from all sorts of people," Hogan said. "The generosity of Powassan is unsurpassed."

Home Hardware plans to match the $2,000 that was donated, saying during the holidays, some people need all the help they can get.

"We're happy to do it and support the food bank as much as we can. We support their toy drive. We give them cash whenever we can," said Tom Morrow, owner of Home Hardware in Powassan.

The food bank, like many charities, had to cancel many of its events and fundraisers this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Officials said the money raised through this event will go toward helping feed over 50 adults and 25 children this Christmas season.

"Our food drives are down, but we are coping," said Diane Cole, the food bank's assistant coordinator. "It's amazing that she did this and it will go a long way. We're now starting to offer fresh fruits and vegetables."

Many businesses have collected donations in tip jars. Hogan and food bank officials went door-to-door Wednesday morning to collect the money.

"Something had to be done and this was the idea that sounded like a good idea," Hogan said.

She spent a part of the night up on the roof reading stories to viewers on Facebook Live.

In addition to the snow, the overnight low in the North Bay area reached -13C with the wind chill.

Hogan said it's a night she won't soon forget and if need be, plans to go back up on the roof next year.