The Ontario Ministry of Transportation finished building a much needed crosswalk on a busy highway in the Greater Sudbury community of Dowling just in time for the start of school.

But some people say it's not really working.

Now that the crosswalk is finally operational, many people in the area are not happy. 

They say it isn't the crosswalk they were expecting, and they feel they need something more elaborate and more effective to warn drivers that it's coming up.

"As of now, to have two twinkling lights on either side of the highway is not enough to get drivers’ attention. And by the time that students, or anybody crossing, wait for traffic to actually stop before crossing, the lights have often timed out. So, then they are crossing with no lights. This is just a tragedy waiting to happen." said concerned resident Chantelle Gorham.

"I know people worked very hard to get a crosswalk here and it's certainly not what we expected. We expected more, similar with what was downtown, with, you know, four to five lights. And it just seems very dangerous as a crossing. I can't say that it is better than what it was before. You don't get second chances with these kids." said concerned parent David Kurtis.

Gorham feels as though the MTO put in the bare minimum crosswalk, but says she is hopeful Nickel Belt MPP, France Gelinas, will be in contact with the MTO to get it improved.