SUDBURY -- A Sudbury sexual assault trial continues as the third day in court comes to a close.

Thursday morning began with Superior Court Judge Patricia Hennessy dismissing a motion brought forward by defendant David Case’s lawyer, Nicholas Xynnis, to have a directed verdict.

Former Sudbury track coach David Case and one of his former sprinters, Celine Loyer, are accused of sexually assaulting a young Sudbury woman back in June of 2011.

"The evidence as it stands presents a joint enterprise," said Hennessy.

She went on to say her decision was made based on the timing of the request and the fact that Case’s comments show his direct involvement with what was going on.

Xynnis called Const. Glenn Greenough to the stand.

Greenough was the officer that responded to a complaint of sexual assault by the alleged victim in this case. The officer testified that when he met with the alleged victim, she did not seem interested in proceeding with the investigation.

Loyer’s lawyer, Michael Haraschuk, did not call anyone to the stand Thursday.

Final submissions will be presented Friday morning when the trial resumes at 10 a.m.