An injured and orphaned baby bald eagle that was found by an OPP officer near Sudbury

Was taken to the Wild at Heart Refuge in Lively over a month ago.

The refuge helps sick, orphaned and injured animals with a goal of releasing them back to the wild.

Caregivers say a baby bald eagle was weak and injured upon its arrival in July.

“Usually it would have been with its parents, apparently it fell out of the nest, so we had to take it in, especially since it had a back injury, it probably wouldn’t have been able to make it on its own, “said Camille Circe

“He wouldn’t have survived because he couldn’t fly at the time”, said Victoria Ladouceur, an animal caregiver at the refuge.

The eagle stayed at the centre for just over a month and learned to fly in a flight room.

“It has been released by the Police Officer who found it and so we are hoping that he is going to do good in the wild,” said Circe

Although it was a bay eagle, caregivers say it had a healthy appetite.

“We fed him mostly minnows and mice and when we didn’t have those things, chicken and steak, any sort of meat,” said Circe

Officials say animals are released close to where they were found, giving them the best chance of survival in familiar territory.