SUDBURY -- As Ontario moves into stages that will allow more venues to open, the Sudbury Theatre Centre is now accepting registrations for summer theatre camps.

The learning opportunities are part of a big year for the centre, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this September.

Officials at the STC said they are excited to get youth back in the building for in-person learning at summer camp this July and are hopeful it's the beginning of the new normal.

"We have been able to keep things going as much as possible, adjusting to the guidelines as they go along," said Ralph McIntosh, the director of education at the STC.

"So we are looking forward to some sort of beginning to return to a new normal this summer and hopefully -- fingers crossed -- for the fall."

Maximize physical distancing

Officials said summer camp classes will be held in the STC auditorium to maximize physical distancing.

There are two options being offered in July for youth ages 8-12: a drama camp and a musical theatre camp.

"They gain so much and not even about them wanting to go on and be an actor or an actress. It's just basic life skills -- how to interact with their peers, they learn so much public speaking," said John McHenry, artistic director at the Sudbury Theatre Centre.

STC officials said as the province reopens, they are anxious to get shows up and running and offer live theatre once again.

"I know it's a cliché -- there is just nothing like it," said McHenry. "In our theatre, 300 people coming together, witnessing that one moment that the audience last night didn't see and the audience tomorrow night won't see. It's what you see tonight -- which is the coming together and people laughing and crying all at the same time at that same thing."

The centre celebrates its 50th anniversary in September and officials said they hope to announce the lineup in August, which will include four mainstage shows.