We have a follow-up to a story we brought you last week, about an ice hut left abandoned on a northern Ontario lake.

It has now started to sink into the water and no one appears to be taking responsibility for the clean-up.

It's the last thing Sudbury’s Kelly Lake needs right now. 

The shore line has been littered with garbage, waste, even an old syringe.

And now this, an ice hut that is sinking and is partially submerged.

Todd Thomas is a local property owner.

"My concern is the items that are starting to flow away from it. Just a moment ago, there was a couple of dinner plates that floated by, and as you can see right now, it looks like tarpaulins, water jugs … It’s hard to say what's out there right now, but it's all going to start flowing down past the park." said Thomas.

He says he went to both the city and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry about the hut before it started to sink.

The MNRF told CTV News last week it was aware of the report of an abandoned ice hut on Kelly Lake and is investigating, but the ministry stopped short of saying would clean it up.

"I am surprised on the response, seeing how I thought the Ministry of Natural Resources would take care of natural resources being our lakes." said Thomas.

The property owner is a seasoned helicopter pilot and wonders why the province would take care of the situation first and do the investigation afterwards?

Propane tanks left on the ice near the hut have been dragged to shore and while we can see items like a thermos and tarp, it's unclear what now lurks below the surface as a result of this negligence.

"Who's responsible? Who can help us out here to get this item out of the lake and onto dry land?" said Thomas.

He says the lake is inside the city, so maybe it's a municipal issue, but he'd like to see governments do more to clarify who is responsible for these types of problems.

According to the province's website, ice huts in the region had to be removed by March 31 or by the time ice broke up.