A last minute deal means people who live at River Valley Park near Sault Ste. Marie are breathing a sigh of relief.

Algoma Public Health previously issued an order for residents to move out by Thursday.

Instead of packing up, Lena Dubos and Jan Good were celebrating.

"I stood on the roof and hollered 'yeah, we are not moving'," said Dubos.

"We can't move from our homes."

"It's just like today, we got sunshine. We haven't had sunshine for a while. That’s what it feels like, just fantastic," Good added.

The 30-plus residents at River Valley found out three weeks ago the park was being closed August 31st, by the health unit and the provincial government, over sewage concerns.

But late Wednesday night, the health unit extended the closure deadline.

"Yesterday the owner presented us with a request to extend the deadline for compliance and we are happy to say on compassionate grounds we granted that extensions," said Dr. Marlene Spruyt, APH medical officer of health.

"The order to close the park is still in place but the closure to date has now been moved to October 1st." Those who helped fight to get the date moved back hope the owner will take the time to fix the park.

"If the request another extension, we would consider responding to that extension based on the work he has done to date and the progress he has made," Spruyt said.

“It is good news. It’s a reprieve they’ve received, however there is a big onus that is going to be put on the owner to live up to the continued compliance orders of removing the sewage regularly or as needed in order to keep the environment, the community and the public safe,” added Michael Mantha, Algoma—Manitoulin MPP (NDP).

CTV reached out to the owner and his spokesperson, but both did not respond to a request for an interview.