SUDBURY -- Community members in Sudbury came together Sunday morning to create homemade takeout meals for people in need. Organizers are calling it “One Good Meal.”

The organizer of One Good Meal, Deke Zaher says this is just a random act of kindness for people who deserve it.

“The bottom line is that there’s people right now who are community members, just because you don’t have a home over your head, doesn’t mean you’re not a citizen, you have to be treated like a citizen,” said Zaher.

“So for twenty minutes, whoever is going to be the recipient of these meals for twenty minutes will forget about whatever they’ve been through and just focus on one good meal.”

More than 20 volunteers stepped up and offered a helping hand.

“I’ve noticed especially this year, it’s really not become a problem but it’s really out in the open now and I can’t see it anymore. People are going hungry, people are getting cold,” said Jamie Laprairie, volunteer for One Good Meal.

“We have more than enough food at facilities to go around, so the least we could do is get together and help out a little bit and bring a smile to these peoples face.”

Volunteers say they want everyone to know that we are all equal, and we are all part of the same community.

“I think people are really realizing that there’s definitely a homelessness crisis in Sudbury and it’s been getting a lot worse lately with Covid,” said Kryslyn Mohan, volunteer for One Good Meal.

“We are realizing that these people who don’t have shelter, it’s not their fault that they don’t have shelter. There is something that everybody can do to help support these members of our community.”

A total of 200 meals were put together and delivered within the city.

“A hundred meals are going to the mission. Then 50 meals are going to our warming centre on Frood and Elm, and then we have 40 meals going to a clothing exchange brought to you by community members who are all great souls trying to make a difference in the community. Then we have ten meals going to outreach,” said Zaher.

Both organizers and volunteers say they are looking forward to helping more people in need in the near future.