A homeless shelter in Sault Ste. Marie is holding its first ‘Bring Me the Breakfast’ fundraiser this week.

Pauline’s Place is a 19-bed facility that provides emergency shelter to homeless women, youth, and families.

Staff at the shelter will cook and deliver homemade breakfasts ranging from pancakes to muffins and hash browns to those who pre-order it.

Wednesday, August 21 is the first day of the initiative and they have 11 deliveries. Shelter staff hopes that number will increase as the week goes on.

The shelter relies solely on donations and fundraising initiatives like this. All of the proceeds will be used to purchase food and basic accommodations for the residents at Pauline’s Place.

"They can order, get something for a reasonable price, and at the same time, they can help the community. So, that’s what our goal was,” said Roshna Robin, fundraising coordinator for the shelter.

'Bring Me the Breakfast' runs until Friday.

Those who would like to place an order can call Pauline’s Place or message them on Facebook.

Bring Me the Breakfast