SUDBURY -- Makeshift homeless shelters have again popped up on city property in Sudbury. This time in the underground parking lot of the YMCA in the downtown core.

Homeless people say they want to be close to resources, but officials say camping is prohibited on city-owned property.

"People are trying to stay close to whatever resources that are available," said one homeless man, who didn't want to be identified. "Some are 24-7, and the ones that are tend to stick around the core downtown."

There is a warming centre inside the YMCA, which means bathrooms and some resources are close by.

"One of the reasons people are coming here cause there is shelter and there is food … water, clean water," said the man.

At many times of the day, drug use is visible in the parking lot and on the back stairs of the YMCA.

"Some of these people are so far gone and content with their lifestyle that they don't even recognize that it's being not socially acceptable," the man said. "It's sad."

The parking lot and YMCA building are owned by the City of Greater Sudbury. In the past, bylaw officers have evicted people who set up shelter in Memorial Park because of the no-camping on city property policy.

In a statement to CTV News, the city said they are working to resolve the situation.

"We are working with community partners and organizations to provide the appropriate support services, including information on shelters and housing services," the statement said. "Our goal is to have supports in place for these residents over the coming week."

People who have set up shelter in the parking lot say if and when bylaw forces them out, they plan to find another location nearby to keep them close to resources like washrooms.