SUDBURY -- The Homelessness Network in Sudbury says it has been difficult finding rental places for people who are in need of a shelter at this time.

"Persons who are homeless, on the streets have no place to stay on their own, can be quite vulnerable at these times and are the ones most likely to be affected by COVID-19. The best we could do is help them find places for them to isolate, to be socially distant and to have access to running water and bathrooms and such," said Raymond Landry, with the Homelessness Network.

Landry said the Homelessness Network is looking for 90 immediate spaces to house individuals.

"Bachelors, single room apartments are really what is needed,  and the occasional larger family unit is needed. For people on welfare or ODSP anything below $800, for persons on OW has to be below $700."  

Landry says his organization has reached out to the Greater Sudbury Landlord Association for help, and have called out more than 300 landlords in the city.

"There are landlords who have that type of accommodation, and we’re reaching out especially to them to extend an arm," said Ray Goulet, with the Greater Sudbury Landlord Association.

Meanwhile, close to a million Canadians recently signed a petition calling for all rent to be cancelled for the month of April.

Goulet says for those struggling to pay rent, it's best to have a conversation with your landlord and figure out a payment plan.

"We have some landlords who are negotiating with their tenants, and their tenants are paying a hundred dollars based on their April rent, and they'll be paying their hundred dollars each month to make up for April month for the next year."  

Goulet said he's sympathetic to tenants who've lost their jobs, but says landlords have mortgages and utility bills to pay, so they can't go without rent payments.