The Holistic Healing Fair is back in Sault Ste. Marie following a two-year absence. Around 30 vendors offering a variety of products and services converged on the Machine Shop.

“We have different nutrition companies, we have essential oils, all-natural beauty products,” said organizer Vanessa Wilson. “So, it’s what we’re putting on our skin and in our bodies. So, nutrition, massage, readers, psychics, candles, jewelry, you name it. All things wellness.”

Wilson describes holistic healing as encompassing physical, mental and spiritual health. She says the effects of the pandemic are still being felt by a lot of people, and that seems to have spurred more interest in holistic healing and wellness.

“I feel people are recognizing that we all experienced some sort of trauma within the last two years, whether it was a mountain or a pebble that we had experienced,” said Wilson. “To just show up and really dig deeper into the parts of ourselves that we’ve been hiding away, and just trying to better ourselves.”

Priority Wellness and Moon+Mana Candle Co. are a pair of newcomers to the fair. The owners say they too have noticed a greater interest in holistic healing and stress relief.

“We’ve seen lots of people come in asking questions about boosting immune, and fighting off different viruses,” said Priority Wellness owner Megan Barban.

“With the wellness industries really growing, I think due to the pandemic as well, a lot of people are just seeking healing, and this is just a wonderful event to be at,” said Moon+Mana Candle Co. owner Laura Amendola.

Other vendors say the holistic health and wellness industry is booming, as people look for a natural means of self care and maintaining overall health. They agree that this is due in large part to the lingering effects of the pandemic.