A trial continued today, involving six charges against the City of Greater Sudbury under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

The charges stem from a woman being run over by a grader on a downtown construction site over two year ago, where Interpaving was the contractor on the project.

The construction company was found guilty on one charge related to the death of 58-year-old Cecile Paquette, which happened on a $1.4-million project where watermain and paving work were taking place in the downtown core.

On Wednesday, the grader operator took the stand and testified that a city inspector denied his request for a flagman. 

As testimony continued Thursday, a woman who rode in the elevator with Paquette from a building on Elgin Street testified the victim was at a local help agency, making quilts for the homeless before she died.

The two were walking when Paquette expressed concern she could not cross Elgin Street because she could not push her walker through the sand piles, so she made her way to the intersection.

The woman says she saw Paquette in the middle of the intersection, saw the grader moving fast towards her, she yelled stop, and then saw Paquette quote "literally crushed."

An Interpaving employee also testified and admitted to submitting a falsified traffic protection plan to the Ministry of Labour.

The trial is scheduled to last 13 days, but is expected to wrap up earlier.

When the city was asked how much the trial is costing taxpayers each day, it declined to comment.