SUDBURY -- Police and residents in Wikwemikong say someone knows something about a cold case that dates back 14 years.

Anthony Mandamin, 25, was found along Kaboni Road in September 2006 and later pronounced dead in hospital. His father said enough time has passed that whoever has information might speak up now.

"I think maybe now some people will come forward that didn't come forward before," said Ivan Mandamin. "I think people were scared, but there is no reason to be scared."

Police appealed for information in the case in 2016, calling it at the time a hit and run. A new investigator said the entire file is under review.

"Right now, there is a turnover stage where the Crime Reduction Unit in Wikwemikong was developed in 2019," said Det. Sgt. Todd Fox of the Wikwemikong Tribal Police Service. "We were recently assigned the Mandamin file and we are conducting a full review of the file, reviewing all of the investigate material."

Some time has passed

"Some time has passed and we do believe that there are people out there that possess vital information on this matter. And we are asking those people to dig deep, to be brave, to tell their truth, to be honest, to come forward."

On Saturday in Wikwemikong, a memorial walk is planned for Mandamin, with the theme of healing and forgiveness. This week, the family and community members gathered at a farm on Kaboni Road to raise awareness about the memorial walk.

"I think the family has been very upfront to say they are at a point where they are ready to forgive and to assist that person to come forward," said Chief Duke Peltier of the Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory. "So with this walk taking place this weekend, it's important for our leadership, our council to also support the family to try and seek out the answers they are looking for."

Investigators said a $50,000 reward for reliable information in this case is still available.