Pulling together and growing a stronger food system in Greater Sudbury is the plan for a number of different groups in the city. They came together Wednesday to discuss the future of food in a unique setting,a fast-moving forum known as “four-minute foodies.”

Seven presenters shared their strategies on how to promote and enhance the food system in Greater Sudbury.

Joseph Leblanc is the Executive Director of the Social Planning Council of Sudbury and is resource member of the Greater Sudbury Food Policy Council.

"We’re trying to look at the whole spectrum of food here in northern Ontario, because we have many sources of food and we have many issues to address." said Leblanc.

One area that was addressed was how Eat Local Sudbury, a retailer of local food products and staple in the city for 10 years, will soon close down. Financial reasons are part of the problem, but that's not stopping workers, like Erica Lagois, from helping to grow the sector. 

"We're still trying to connect people to the producers who supplied us." said Lagois.

Wahnapitae First Nation member, Jolene Recollet, says big things are ahead for her community. She used the meeting to network and is bringing ideas back to her community with her.

 "We are trying to build our community's capacity in food production. First of all, to sustain ourselves and eventually, to use food as an economic driver for our community." said Recollet.

Leigh Anne Cecchetto is with "Cultivate Your Neighbourhood," a project that goes into schools to teach young people the basics of growing their own food.

"So many urban kids don't have these skills these days and there is a need and a want to have local, fresh and healthy food. And what's better than free, from your garden?" said Cecchetto.

Just months ago, a city food strategy was revealed, and next month, a culinary tourism plan is expected to be announced.