SUDBURY -- City council in Greater Sudbury is selling Meatbird Lake Park to Vale for $4 million.

In a news release Tuesday evening, the city said funds from the sale will be "reinvested into the Walden community to develop new recreational opportunities and will ensure local residents have access to safe ways to play in the Lively area."

“I know that Meatbird Lake Park is a valued asset for the people of Walden and I can assure you that we worked hard to ensure that we will have the resources to provide you with new recreational amenities,” Greater Sudbury Mayor Brian Bigger said in the release.

“We know how much our citizens value time spent outdoors and we look forward to hearing from you on how this money can be used to offer new, safe and exciting recreational opportunities in the Lively area.”

Over the next few months, residents can offer their opinions on what recreation opportunities they would like, the city said.

"The feedback received will be included in a report outlining options for new recreational opportunities and shared with city council in the coming year," the release said.

"Details on engagement opportunities will be shared with the community in the coming weeks."

In the interim, a supervised beach at Centennial Park, located at 400 Graham Rd. in Whitefish, will be available for residents this summer.

Vale is undertaking tailings dam improvements in the next 10 years, including an erosion control project located near Meatbird Lake Park. In purchasing the land, Vale will be able to address public safety, remediate environmental impacts and reduce water consumption.

“We are pleased that a mutually beneficial outcome has been achieved,” Brittney Price, head of corporate affairs & sustainability for Vale’s North Atlantic operations, said in the release.

“This sale helps Vale to deliver on our commitment to be a safe and responsible community partner and it helps the city to offer new recreational opportunities in Walden.”

In September 2020, Vale Canada Limited presented to city council and the community, with rationale for the purchase and their plans to remediate the property. The presentation can be found here.

For more information on the sale of Meatbird Lake Park, including a frequently asked questions document, click here.