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Greater Sudbury celebrates Ukrainian Vyshyvanka Day

Thursday evening saw nearly 100 Ukrainian Sudburians and refugees come together to mark Vyshyvanka Day at the Ukrainian Centre on Notre Dame Avenue.

Participants told CTV News the colourful embroidered shirts are designed to give them strength and to protect them from evil.

"It's not just the Ukrainians that are wearing this beautiful Vyshyvanky - but many, many non-Ukrainians are catching on and so getting together, around the world, in our Vyshyvanky is a very, very special celebration," said Halia Buba, a Ukrainian Sudburian.

Different regions develop their own unique styles, techniques, ornaments and colours – each with sacred meaning.

"You know what – wherever Ukrainian people are in the rest of the world, they get together on this day and they celebrate it,” said Nathan Grebe, who came to support his fiancée and all of the people of Ukraine.

“They certainly support the troops that are back in Ukraine and that are fighting to keep the Ukrainian nation alive.”

The Sudbury-Ukrainian community held a small parade and were treated to songs performed by students of the local Ukrainian school – all of whom were new to Canada.

For Ukrainians, it was also a day to remember the genocide of the Crimean Tartar people.

More information on the event can be found on the Sudbury Ukrainian Centre’s Facebook page Top Stories


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