SUDBURY -- Sudbury residents are enjoying the final weekend of free access to Kivi Park, before new user fees are set to be implemented.

Beginning Feb. 1st, new user fees take effect, ranging from $9 for a single adult pass to $240 for an annual family pass.

It’s a 480 acre property where people can participate in a variety of outdoor activities ranging from picnics in the summer to skiing during the winter months. The site also offers various water sports. 

“I love that it’s a great place to come, the sense of community here is excellent, it’s always a good time and everyone is here having a good time,” says Myles Chisholm, who bikes in the park year round. 

The park was a gifted to Sudbury residents four years ago by a private donor. It was operated as a foundation but became a not for profit Jan 1st. Executive director Kerry Lamarche says the annual operating cost is over $250,000.

“As a not for profit, our sustainability plan includes fundraising and grant proposals we will be writing and as well we are asking people who love and enjoy Kivi Park help us sustain what we have here to offer.”

Perry Sakki cross country skis in the park and says he loves the outdoor oasis. 

“It’s a wonderful gift that the City of Sudbury has been given by the Fielding family,” says Sakki. “It’s a beautiful facility. It has activities for summer and winter, so if you are an outdoor enthusiast, it’s probably one of the jewels of the north.”

Sakki feels paying to use it is fair.

“With the maintenance of the trails, and the equipment and just fuel itself, it’s just a phenomenal cost.” 

The park has over 55 kilometers of trails, including a skating path through the forest. Park officials say there is a fund available for guests with limited resources to apply to offset the user fees, to keep Kivi Park accessible to everyone.