NORTH BAY -- A few dozen advocates braved the frigid temperatures in North Bay as part of the 4th annual Global March for Women’s Rights.

The group says it’s important to stand up against gender based discrimination and for the rights of all. Huddled together, they marched up and down the streets of North Bay in solidarity.

“We’re not just marching for women in North Bay, but for women across Canada," says local march co-organizer Kylee Bakowski. "It is a global march. The use of power and coercion is something that happens and especially with human trafficking in North Bay unfortunately being one of the hubs."

This year’s theme is bodily autonomy. All these advocates want is the ability to choose what to do with their own body.

“People come back and say well women have those rights and woman have bodily autonomy and that may be true in some cases here, but across Canada and globally that’s not so true,” says Bakowski.The march in the city kicked off with remarks at city hall, where women along with allies chanted their battle cries for equal treatment. From there, the group ventured down Main Street towards the Amelia Rising Sexual Violence Support Centre.

“The community really needs to understand that there’s still a lot of work to do to ensure that there’s equity for everyone,” says Erika Lougheed, a co-organizer of the event.

This march is meant for supporters to stand up not just for women’s rights, but also for members of the LGBTQ community, Indigenous women, for those who identify as women and for people across the world who fear of expressing who they are. A few of the marchers had to travel to attend including Jessica Jordison and Rachel Simser. The two best friends came from Sudbury.

“Women have been oppressed in the past and there’s still oppression going on today and it just brings to light that it needs to be acknowledged,” says Jessica Jordison.

“There are ways in which women and men can move forward in this world and create a better, equal environment for everybody,” says marcher Rebecca Simser from Sudbury.

Organizers say women continue to face gender based violence and sexual violence every day from comments based on women’s looks to workplace harassment. Something they want to see eradicated in the future.