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Golf courses open in North Bay and area

In a sure sign summer is near, Pinewood Golf Course in North Bay, Osprey Links Golf Course in Callander and High View Golf Course in Powassan are all open.

Jeff Rogerson, Osprey Links Golf Course manager, said they monitor the course closely to ensure it’s ready for the season.

“We have a really good superintendent. He spends a lot of time at the golf course and he keeps track of everything, has a good look, and tries to determine when he can let people out and that they’re going to enjoy it and not damage the golf course in any significant fashion or injure themselves,” said Rogerson.

“Once we have a pretty realistic sense that the ground is firming up, people can walk and play, we try and open.”

Pinewood Park Golf Course has all 18 holes open.

“I think it’s in better shape, than last year,” said course manager Cary Lafontaine.

“We had no winter kill or anything, so good improvement … It’s slowly drying out, we have no carts until Tuesday, but we do have all 18 holes open.”

Pinewood Park is also renaming its driving range this summer to honour Jack Lyons. Jack, who autistic, passed away last April.

Lafontaine told CTV News that Jack was at the driving range five to six days a week in previous years.

Once renamed, Lafontaine said the course will also make donations to autism awareness coming from driving range fees. Top Stories

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