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Gamblers love to bet on Super Bowl Sunday


The Super Bowl is Sunday in Phoenix, with the Philadelphia Eagles facing the Kansas City Chiefs.

Officials with the Responsible Gambling Council said a recent survey found that almost half of Ontario’s regular sports bettors plan to wager on the big game.

The survey also found that three-quarters of respondents will watch from home this year. With increasing accessibility for placing mobile bets, it’s easier than ever to bet online.

Melissa Toney from the Responsible Gambling Council said it’s important to budget how much you’re willing to spend – and lose -- on wagers.

“We really ask people to look at what your own individual budget is so you’re not going over and putting yourself into any undue hardship,” Toney said.

According to the survey, 54 per cent of Ontarians betting on the Super Bowl will wager $50 or less, with 19 per cent planning to bet more than $100.

Toney said to remember gambling should be enjoyable.

“It’s entertainment, it’s fun,” she said.

“But if you start to notice it’s taking over a little too much, you might want to re-evaluate and step back a little bit.”

Big games like the Super Bowl can be a trigger for someone with a gambling addiction. Chris Coulombe of the Sudbury- Manitoulin Canadian Mental Health Association said if you’re hosting a party, you should be mindful of your loved ones who may have gambling challenges.

“We can create some awareness around some of these gambling tools to maybe self-exclude ourselves from it or to set reminders or limitations in some of the apps you could be using for example if you’re gambling online,” Coulombe said.

He said help can be found at the Canadian Mental Health Association’s website.

“We have a self-referral form so you can take charge, you can take responsibility and refer yourself to get the support and help that’s required,” Coulombe said. Top Stories

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