TIMMINS -- During the noon-hour teleconference today with the City of Timmins, the Medical Officer of Health announced the city's twenty-fourth case of COVID-19. 

Dr. Lianne Catton had just received news of the new case and could not provide further details at the time, but said an investigation was underway.  

Dr. Catton also said that as of last night, results are pending from thirty-five tests and expects more will come back positive. 

In preparation for the admission of more patients, Timmins and District Hospital officials also announced today, they've increased capacity by adding fifty-one more beds.  

"At this point in time we have four admitted, there're all in Timmins," said Dr. Lianne Catton.  

"Two of them are in ICU and again our thoughts are with the health care workers, the family the cases and everyone involved."

Dr. Catton says people need to act every day that COVID-19 is in every community and understand that "exposure is possible and probable everywhere."  

She also reminded people who are seventy years and older to stay home and self-isolate. 

The City of Timmins is now video recording its noon-hour meetings and posting them on its YouTube Channel.