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Ford visited Timmins


The worst kept secret in Timmins this week was that Ontario Premier Doug Ford was coming to town.

It took a few days to get details and they were few. We were also told not to report the visit ahead of time, so CTV News assumed big news was coming.

It turns out, the premier just came to visit.

He chose the historic Newmont Porcupine Gold Mine operations as his backdrop for a photo opportunity.

"Some of the toughest folks I ever met in my life (are here). They’re amazing,” said Ford.

While on site, Newmont Porcupine informed the premier all about its new state-of-the-art water treatment plant.

Company officials say throughout 2021 and 2022, they made a $160 million investment into the new plant, located on its Pamour property, a few kilometres east of this location.

While the premier said he was impressed by what Newmont Porcupine is undertaking with its water management project, the province is not contributing any money to it.

“Uh, nothing right now. Newmont, they’re investing in it. We’re so grateful for that.”

The company said the plant will benefit the local environment through the collection, treatment and return of mine water.

It is also a required step if it wants to return to mining the Pamour Pit added officials.

“The long term goal is definitely looking at if we could get the Pamour Project approved through all the stages to have that space to develop the Pamour Project,” said Newmont Porcupine general manager Dawid Pretorius.

Newmont said the construction of the plant will be complete by the end of the year and will begin discharging 13 million cubic meters of treated water back to the Mattagami, Frederickhouse and upper Kapuskasing watersheds.

“All of the citizens of Ontario have to understand how important mining is if we’re going to meet all of our objectives with the climate charge, decarbonization of the economy,” said Timmins MPP George Pirie.

Following his visit to Newmont’s Porcupine Mine, the premier stuck around the city to celebrate ‘turning Timmins blue’ at a conservative meet-and-greet Friday evening.

Ford along with Pirie addressed a group of supporters at Northern College, reflecting on what he called a “historic win” for the party and a string of major promises for the Timmins area.

Outside the event, CUPE members aimed to gain the premier’s attention and call for a better deal, as Monday’s strike action looms.

The premier and area MPP aimed to reaffirm his party’s support for the region.

“You have a government that is bringing back the Northlander rail service, after the Liberals cancelled it. By the way, there’s a great announcement that we’re going to be making shortly – this is a real exciting one too – about the Morthlander, that’s coming down the rails, excuse the pun, in the next couple weeks,” said Ford.

“You have a government that is rebuilding highway 101, after the Liberals that every reason not to get it done.”

Ford also talked about the region’s importance in the province’s critical minerals strategy and how Timmins will play a major role

“The government showed the people of Timmins that they have our backs… by funding the ONTC rail expansion and the Canadian connecting link. $74 million for Timmins because the PC government wanted it and you supported that vision,” added Pirie. Top Stories

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