While customers are returning to restaurants and hotels, many business owners in North Bay say their staff is still missing.

"It's next to impossible, to hire," said Clase Eriksson, manager of Casey's Grill Bar in North Bay.

"The candidates are not coming through the door, the responses on the media sites are not there, they're just not coming out … We've had to change our entire way of thinking, our entire mindset, how to roll with the change of the dynamic."

Positions across the board need filling – servers, hosts, chefs and cooks -- and it's affecting how restaurants are operating.

"It affects everything," said Travis Ethier, general manager at Wacky's North Bay.

"It's harder to give the best service we can. When there's not enough staff working the floor and in the kitchen, then your wait times go up.

"It's good because we have a good group of customers who understand the wait times, so we just try our best," Ethier added.

It's also becoming difficult on the staff that is working.

"Our teams are asked to do more hours for no real reward," said Eriksson.

"They are not able to have the lifestyle that they are entitled to because they are trying to meet the demand that hasn't slowed down … Cooks and servers just can't keep up."

Hotels are also feeling the same heat.

"Interviews are being made, but people aren't showing up, hires are being brought in and trained and leaving for the next best role down the street at that hotel," said Cindy Rivest-Vainio, catering and sales manager at Best Western North Bay.

"It's been very challenging. We might have 100 applicants and less than half will show up for an interview."