A special excursion was one of many things that came out of the 'wishing well' at Finlandia Village on September 5 as Sudbury seniors went fishing.

Four wishes are granted annually, and those involved say the boating trip has been the biggest one so far.

"I'm a fisher woman for many years. I got a 16lb hanging on my wall at home that I caught. I love the outdoors and I love to be by the water. And this is why I really wanted to do that. I like fishing… I can purge bait on, and also can take the fish off when I catch one, and I can clean them," Said Finlandia resident Louise Mokohonuk.

It was Mokohonuk's wish to go fishing, of which came true after two consecutive years of submitting to the 'wishing well'.

"It's been about two months in the making. We surprised Louise. She was quite overwhelmed. Her and I both started crying because this has been a pretty important one to grant because it's been so long, and now that we're finally here, we're pretty emotional because we know how much this means to her," said Finlandia employee Jeanne Delamorandiere.

"I think it's a great thing for us and for them, and to get them on the water and experience this… It's something they wanted to do, and we're really excited to be able to do that for them," said Maurice Beland of Legend Boats.

"It really means a lot that we're able to use our tools, our expertise, things like that to make their dreams come true," added William Maki, Rammakko's.

The 'Make a Wish' program was founded in 2016, and officials say come January, another resident will have their wish come true.