SUDBURY -- The first two restaurants taking part in Pure Country 91.7's Feeding Families initiative made some pretty important deliveries Thursday morning in Sudbury.

Apollo Restaurant and Overtime Sports Bar Grill each delivered 40 prepared meals to the Sudbury Food Bank.

Both restaurants are also planning on making 40 more.

Pure Country has been asking businesses, individuals, and organizations to commit to buying the meals which are purchased at the restaurants.

The goal is not only to support the hungry, but the restaurant industry -- which has been struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Pure Country got a hold of us and I thought it was a good partnership between us, Pure Country and the Food Bank, and so it's always my privilege to do stuff for the Food Bank as we've had a great relationship in the past," said Attilio Langella, owner of Overtime Sports Bar and Grill.

"It's going to go to some great people," he added. "And some people are going to have some good, wholesome meals probably starting today."

"I'm really excited about this opportunity that's being offered and it sounds like the business folks that support those restaurants or that support the community are certainly interested. I know for a fact there was a donation made through the Lougheed Foundation of $1,200 to start the first two programs. So yes, I'm very excited to see how this is going to play out."

Pure Country is still looking for restaurants who would like to participate and those interested can enter their information here.

Donations for the Feeding Families Sudbury campaign can be made here.