SUDBURY -- The first annual Warm Soups for Warm Hearts is taking place on Tuesday in Sudbury.

Students from Marymount Academy will be hand delivering over 200 bowls of homemade soup beginning at Zaher's Small Batch, to Durham Street and eventually ending at the soup kitchen.

Along with Deke Zaher's hummus shop, other businesses taking part in Warm Soups for Warm Hearts include Cedars Nest, Respect is Burning, Peppi Panini's and Peddler's Pub.

"Peddlers Pub was to participate… and then they had a fire… well, they messaged us… and will still be participating by using our kitchen to make soup," said Zaher. "So many people from the community have reached out… and I'm simply so grateful."

Cedar Nest owner Sue Peters says this event was formed out of difficult times when her business was faced with trials and tribulations. She says these challenges brought her back to her faith, her ability to forgive and to the realization that "if we want kindness, first we need to show kindness."

Warm Soup for Warm Hearts begins at 10:30 a.m. and Zaher welcomes the public to take part.

Zaher's Small Batch