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'Ferris the place to be': Revitalizing a North Bay community


Hundreds of people came out to West Ferris in North Bay Saturday afternoon for Ferris Fun Day – an event to try and bring more people to that end of town and to start revitalizing the area.

“The main goal of all of this is to make people understand that Ferris is still around after all these years,” said Mike Gelinas, one of the event’s organizers.

“The people and business people in Ferris are interested in grouping together and doing things together.”

More than 100 local businesses located in West Ferris have joined the Ferris Business Network who are working together to have Ferris thrive again.

“We love this end of town, we live here, we work here and it’s just so nice to see so many people get involved,” said Jennifer Leblond, owner of Dinner is Served.

“We know there’s a lot of love for Ferris in town, this is just an opportunity to remind people that we are here, and the great businesses that we have in the area.”

Organizers told CTV News there are more events planned in the Ferris area this year and they feel this first one went well.

“Today is a success, absolutely. This is just the beginning though, keep in mind all of Ferris is involved in this,” said Gelinas.

“It’s time to re visit Ferris if you will, to see a the wonderful stores we have here.”

For more information about this and future events, visit the 'Ferris the place to be!' Facebook page. Top Stories

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