On Tuesday, the federal government announced $2.6 million for improvements to taxiways, a runway and lighting at Sudbury's airport.

The money will be matched by the airport to improve safety and efficiency at a time when people are starting to travel more.

It's a $4.8 million project to improve critical infrastructure at the airport.

"We are going to go to LED lighting, which will save us approximately 65-70 per cent on our hydro bill," said Todd Tripp, CEO of the Greater Sudbury Airport.

The federal government is spending $2.6 million through Transport Canada's Airports Capital Assistance Program.

"This investment will help show the community that yes, the airport is open, the airport is operating, economic development and driver here for jobs is so important," said Liberal MP Nickel Belt MP Marc Serré.

Airport officials in Sudbury said there have been 10 commercial flight cancellations this month at the airport.

"Airlines are struggling to get pilots, flight attendants, ground handlers. Toronto Pearson is experiencing those challenges today and we are impacted when that happens there," said Tripp.

He said the entire air industry is working to address to the gaps and shortfalls that are causing delays and cancellations.

Officials confirm they are seeing an increase in travel at the Sudbury Airport.

Although it's down 40 per cent from 2019, before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, in the month of May, it was up 210 per cent over May 2021.