$780,000 is a significant contribution geared toward helping the smaller businesses in the forestry sector by allowing the FPInnovations Advisory Board to expand its role.

"The three year plan under the Ontario Forestry Sector Road Map allows us to help small and medium type enterprises with 30 direct technical supports. So, we can spend up to five days, where it doesn't cost the company any money, and we bring our expertise, knowledge, our science and research and transfer it." said the Ontario contact for FPInnovations’ Indigenous Forestry Program, John Pineau.

The industry advisory network spans across the north in five different locations and one advisor says the funding now allows industry leaders to turn their focus to another challenge.

"Distance and transport costs are a big issue to reach the big markets, if you want to reach Montreal, Toronto, or the harbours for export. Then the transport causes a big issue, so we have to look into alternatives and be very much efficient in what we are doing." said FPInnovations Advisor Pete Asman.

Officials are hoping the funding will promote confidence in the industry and promote job growth in the area

Pineau says the technological advancements will help the industry sustainability and he believes it will make Northern Ontario more attractive to leaders in the field. He also says it should make it easier to compete in the growing global market.


The not-for-profit forestry group known as FPInnovations received significant funding from Ottawa today.

Nipissing-Temiskaming MP Anthony Rota announced FedNor's investment of $780,000.  

It's money for a three-year initiative to connect small to medium-sized forestry businesses across the north. 

FPInnovations is implementing the "Ontario Forest Sector Road Map" initiative, which aims to increase confidence in the industry and create jobs.

"I think there are going to be good job opportunities, high-paying job opportunities across the forest and wood products sector. I think people have to understand that it is a sector in transition and going through change, so a lot of lower paying jobs aren't so much there anymore, but the higher skilled, higher paid jobs are there and that's all part of innovation and investing in the future." said John Pineau of FBInnovations.

The advisory network includes experts from Mattawa, Timmins, Walford, Kenora and Thunder Bay.