NORTH BAY -- The Joly and Durocher families’ lives were changed forever March 4th, 2011 when 20-year-old Luke Joly-Durocher disappeared.

Nine years later, his father hasn’t given up hope and is pleading with the public to come forward with any information.

"Luke was this vibrant, young man that loved music. He loved nature and he loved to give hugs," said his dad, Rob Joly, in a sit-down interview with CTV News.

According to North Bay police, the then 20-year-old Joly-Durocher from Témiscaming, Quebec was visiting with friends in the city when he was last seen.  Just before midnight, he was with friends in downtown North Bay where they went to Cecil's Bar at the corner of Main St. and Wyld St.   Joly-Durocher was refused entry.

From there he made his way to Shooter’s Bar at the Voyager Inn on Delaware St.  After spending time at that location,  he later left getting a ride from at least one of the patrons. Police say this is where the trail goes cold.

"There's some investigative theories and information that the police have that we can't release at this time, but there's information relating to what may or may not have happened," said lead investigator with the North Bay Police Det. Const. David Wilson.

At the time of the initial investigation, police found his navy jacket and prescription eye glasses from a home on Sherbrooke St. where he had been staying with his friends. Police also recovered his cell phone. The last person Joly-Durocher messaged was his dad, Rob.

"He told me where we was and where he was going and I just told him to be careful because he had a job interview the following Monday," said Joly.

The young man’s bank card was found two weeks later on Sherbrooke St. Over the years, police have received hundreds of tips and investigators aren't giving up hope.

"We really, truly think this is solvable and we need the community behind us in order to do it," said Wilson.

The family is asking anyone who was at Shooters or in the area of the Voyager Inn to come forward with any kind of information hoping to solve the case.

"It's been a void in our family for the last nine years," said Joly. "Even if you think it's just a small piece of information or it's nothing, it could be that vital piece of information."

There is a $50,000 reward for anyone who has information about Luke Joly-Durocher's disappearance that will help investigators solve the case.