SUDBURY -- After taking some time away to focus on his own health Bob Johnston says he’s happy to be back serving the homeless population in Sudbury.

He’s the founder of Tomorrow’s Hope, a volunteer based organization that provides breakfast and lunch 7 days a week to those in need at the Grace Family church on Burton Ave.

On Saturday the group hosted a special Father’s day spaghetti dinner and even though people had to physically distance, Johnston says it’s all about bringing people together for a sense of connection.

“It’s very important that Tomorrow’s Hope is out there for every holiday, every special event, to make our second family feel at home,” said Johnston.

“There special people, some of them have just had bad luck and we’re very proud to stand behind them, support them, give them a very healthy and hot meal whether its to go whether its an eat in.”

Monty Dahl says he appreciates this Father’s Day meal, the volunteers who put it on, and the ability to celebrate the day even though he’s not with the people he loves. 

“My children are down south and my father’s gone, so it’s just I know people around here and come here for the meal and its always good.”

Johnston adds that it truly was a community effort to make the event possible. Miss Teen Galaxy Canada, Chloé Arsenault, along with several volunteers served the meals with the sauce was provided by Helvi’s Catering.

“We have so many people who want to support us because they know what we do to support our friends. It’s just people caring for people,” says Johnston.

The volunteers estimate 100-150 meals were served for the Father's day event. Tomorrow’s Hope plans to hold special luncheons like this for every occasion throughout the year.