SUDBURY -- As construction on North Bay’s newest splash pad nears completion, the Family of Rotary organization has announced the site will be feature a mural painted by local artist Laura Peturson.

The community focused organization, which is comprised of Rotary Club members and their families, announced the mural plans in a Sept. 18 news release. 

The project was organized by the city’s family of Rotary Clubs with assistance from Creative Industries whose mandate is to support and promote the creative sector within the region.

“I’m really excited to be able to create something children and families in North Bay will be able to enjoy,” said Peturson, an Associate Professor Fine Arts/Performing Arts at Nipissing University.

The artwork will feature a vibrant pattern of great blue heron and walleye.  Peturson started early last week with an outline and is now working on detail and colour.

The mural is part of the final phase of the splash pad facility which also includes installation of sun shelters, picnic tables, additional benches, two outdoor park musical instruments and signage.  This section is made possible with funding from the family of Rotary and the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corp.

“Rotary is extremely pleased to be working with a local artist in order to put some of the final touches to the splash pad,” said Tony Limina, co-chair of the project.

“This mural will enhance the facility and we’re excited to see it completed.”