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Fake Red Cross reps going door-to-door seeking cash, North Bay police warn


The North Bay Police Service says a man and a woman are going door-to-door in the city pretending to represent the Red Cross.

Once at the door, they are “asking for donations to the Red Cross in relation to the wildfires in B.C.,” police said in a news release Wednesday.

“The individuals, who were reported to be canvassing in the Hammons Street and Regina Street area on Dec. 5, had what appeared to be Red Cross ID badges on lanyards, and were asking for cash donations.”

While the Red Cross really is running a door-to-door campaign, police said they never would ask for cash, but monthly donations.

“They will also have identifying clothing and clipboard with Red Cross information,” police said.

The man involved in the scam is 25-30 years old wearing a black jacket and pants. The woman is in her mid-30s, wearing a grey puffy jacket and appeared to have tape over one eye.

“The North Bay Police Service would like to remind residents that there are many scams that are ongoing, especially during the Holiday season,” the news release said.

Tips to avoid being cheated include hanging up or shutting the door on would-be scammers and never giving out personal information, especially financial details.

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre website has several resources on scam and fraud prevention. Top Stories

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